13 May 2017

Blooming Today

Fancy Flight, Loop the Loop & Variagata
Foggy Dew
Holland Iris
Iris Sibirica

24 Apr 2017

Byting, a colour changer

Byting is a border that changes from
 brown/yellow to voilet/lilac as the blooms age.

7 Apr 2017

Auriculas, Moon Fairy, Bernadette, Robin Hood, Melanie & Iris Kick Knack

Moon Fairy 

Moon Fairy
More auriculas blooming in Salisbury.
Some more of Iris's auriculas are for sale on Ebay this week.
Anna, a liitle rain damaged

Bernadertte, border.

Melanie, double

Robin Hood, stripe

Border, seedling

Dwarf Iris, Knick Knack

30 Mar 2017

Sophia, Robin Hood, Country Park Red, Seedlings & more blooming in Salisbury

Sophia, stripe raised in Sweden.
More of Iris's auriculas blooming in her lovely small garden in Salisbury. You only need a small space to keep a good collection of auriculas.
Robin Hood, stripe.

Country Park Red, large flowering border.
Drakeld, fancy raised in Sweden

Magnus, fancy raised in Sweden.
Border, seedling

Border, seedling

Border, seedling.

20 Mar 2017

Auriculas on Ebay

Iris has a few auiricula plants for sale on Ebay, you can find 22 plants for sale see link for the first one.

17 Mar 2017

Scorcher, Don Carlos & Groupie blooming in Salisbury

Scorcher, red self.
I'm now settling into my new home in Salisbury, England.
Some of the auriculas in Iris's collection are now just coming into bloom.
They brighten the day when I wonder in the small garden, packed with auriculas & Irises.

Don Carlos, double
Groupie, stripe